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nCodian is the software development division of Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc. nCodian produces custom solutions, vertical market applications, and freeware.

nCodian FreeText

databasenCodian™ releases nCodian™ FreeText v 1.1 as freeware. FreeText is a freeform rich text database application. Each record is a complete rich text document. A record can contain anything that can be inserted into a rich textbox. Databases can be searched in four modes from novice to expert.

It's free. It's freeform. It's freewheeling. It's freeing.  Read more ...

nCodian Documenter Lite

programming with pile of ring binders

So, it's time to write the documentation for your .NET assembly. Here's some free help, and it's automatic.

nCodian™ releases nCodian™ Documenter Lite v 1.0 as freeware. Documenter is an Html Help generator for .NET assembly XML comments.

In its simplest use, click a single command, specify a single input file, and process all the way from XML to CHM. View screencast.

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nCodian Registration

lock and keynCodian™ releases nCodian™ Registration v 2.0 as freeware. Registration lets .NET developers add software registration to their application or class library assemblies. It has two parts: A DLL that you distribute with your software products and use programmatically to verify your users' registration codes; and and application that you use to generate registration codes for users of your products, generate email text that you can send to your users when they register your products, and maintain a database of your products, users, and registrations.

nCodian Flatfile

databasenCodian™ releases nCodian™ Flatfile 2.0 as freeware. Flatfile is a simple structured-record database engine in a .NET 2.0 class library DLL assembly. Version 2.0 updates a prior product from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 and enhances the library. Version 2.0 does not require registration. The prior product required registration to work outside the Visual Studio IDE, but beginning January 2, 2009, if you want to use the prior version, registration is free. Simply email nCodian™ asking for a free registration code.

nCodian Set Operations

set operations Included in the assembly with nCodian™ Flatfile is nCodian™ SetOperations. This class performs set operations on arrays of 32-bit integers. The class supports the core operations Union, Intersection, Difference and Symmetric Difference. It supports the supplemental operations IsIncluded, IsEqual, IsDisjoint, and IsDisjointByIntersection. It maintains the properties Size, Min, and Max. It supports searching by the methods IsMember, Location, and Search. When the integers represent record numbers in a database, this class supports set operations on database records.
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